The team has completed the following over the past 6 months:

Changes happening

wXEQ v2

On 5/7/2021 at 4 PM PST, wXEQ v2 will be ready for launch. There will be an automated token swap that will make it easy for the ~150 wXEQ holders to switch to the new token. This upgrade will significantly improve the solidity code to decrease gas fees by ~50% and make future upgrades easier. Along with this update, wXEQ LP staking will be available with no time lock on the contract. The new contracts are verified on Etherscan — links have been provided at the bottom of this article. …

Equilibria ‘Epictetus v9.0.0’ is ready for release. Hardfork to block version 10 will take place on the block: 548,492 on Saturday the 17th. This fork is mandatory. All wallets will be released by the 17th.


What is being added?

What are the benefits of staking pools?

Staking pools will help decentralized our network. Oracle node operators will have the option to add a 5% fee to pool…

We are upgrading the wXEQ staking to version 2. Staking v1 will have a 2 week grace period where users can still stake and earn rewards. After the grace period, rewards will be forfeited, and only your stake will be withdrawable.

Here are the changes:

What is Equilibria?

Equilibria is a Monero fork; transactions are private and untraceable. Just as anyone can mine Equilibria, anyone can run their own Oracle Node. Every Oracle Node is responsible for managing and making decisions for the tasks required of each Oracle Service. It is vital that anyone can start an Oracle Node to ensure no central entity is controlling the network or the blockchains utilizing Pythia.


Pythia will help keep Equilibria’s supply stable while maintaining a high incentive for further decentralization — there is a small fee attached to each Pythia transaction split 40/40/20. Oracle Nodes will receive 40% of the…

Front End Update


The team is happy to announce the public testnet version 1 of Pythia Equilibria’s oracle is now on testnet. Harrison has been working hard on making the testnet stable and functional. The main goals for this testnet is to find issues with consensus, the P2P network, and ensuring stability.

Pythia v0.1.0

Contracts constructed using a .json format

Our contract v1 “closed” system uses a simple .json framework to allow for easy setup. Price feed contracts can have thresholds and cross-currency calculations such as turning XEQ-BTC to XEQ-USD using a BTC-USD contract reference. More variations and customizations will be implemented slowly. …


Hardfork v8 will happen on block height: 426,143. This hardfork fixes staking issues relating to missed stakes and pool staking.

How to upgrade to v8 if you are a service node operator?

If you are using the Node-Quick-Start, go to the directory.

run the follow commands:

git pull

bash equilibria.sh stop

bash equilibria.sh update

bash equilibria.sh start

Please wait for v8 fork block to stake on a pooled service node.

If you have any issues, please join our discord.


Hi everyone, after the recent influx of newcomers this week, we decided it would be best to post a short and sweet progress update for you all. In this post, we will update you on our development progress and address many of the questions we have received over the last couple of weeks.

Community Contributors

Over the last couple of weeks, we have gotten some great help from the community members within our Discord and Telegram channels. We have decided to switch our logo to a white and blue equilibrium symbol that was inspired by k_godel concept (very similar to the previous…

2020 has been a shitshow, but we are back with some amazing news to make it just a little bit better. We are removing USDE from the Equilibria roadmap and shifting our focus towards creating a private and decentralized oracle solution for a multitude of use cases.

We are already prepared for two use cases that are relatively easy to add to our oracle solution and give value to the Equilibria network; digital asset price tracking and distributed match results in eSports events. We will be monetizing the network through participation of eSports event wagers.

How it Works:

Equilibria adds…


Private Decentralized Oracles

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