Summary of Equilibria Updates for October:

  • wXEQ bridge activation
  • wXEQ staking
  • Updates to the Windows and macOS wallets
  • Hired 2 new developers that will be actively working on the Equilibria ecosystem
  • Hired Marketing manager
  • In process of new listing (not Kucoin)

Remote Node Issues

There is currently…

Bridge Smart Contract: 0x0bc3f57c2faf674561641e983ab1ce7f928bda7c

How to swap from wXEQ to XEQ?

Visit and connect your metamask.

  1. Input the amount of wXEQ to swap.
  2. Click Approve (this is for the smart contract to spend your wXEQ)
  3. Once the approval transaction is confirmed, you can click submit swap.
  4. Bridge transactions can take up to 60 XEQ confirmations to complete.

How to swap from wXEQ to XEQ?

This section will be updated when the wXEQ pool grows on the smart contract.

Equilibria version 10.1.0 is out! This activates the bridge between wrapped equilibria on Ethereum and native equilibria.

What are the changes?

  • Pool staker’s unlock block now syncs with the pool operator’s unlock block.
  • Bridge mint to allow for a centralized cross-chain bridge from Ethereum.
  • 8% of XEQ will be burnt from the max supply…


The team has completed the following over the past 6 months:

  • Started the process of a full team relocation to Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Created in-house onboarding protocols for hiring and contracting workers
  • Created an in-house 5-year plan spanning from budgeting, company structure, and development goals
  • Allowed…

wXEQ v2

On 5/7/2021 at 4 PM PST, wXEQ v2 will be ready for launch. There will be an automated token swap that will make it easy for the ~150 wXEQ holders to switch to the new token. This upgrade will significantly improve the solidity code to decrease gas fees by ~50%…

Equilibria ‘Epictetus v9.0.0’ is ready for release. Hardfork to block version 10 will take place on the block: 548,492 on Saturday the 17th. This fork is mandatory. All wallets will be released by the 17th.


What is being added?

  • Staking pools are being expanded to allow up to 100 stakers per Oracle Node. The…

We are upgrading the wXEQ staking to version 2. Staking v1 will have a 2 week grace period where users can still stake and earn rewards. After the grace period, rewards will be forfeited, and only your stake will be withdrawable.

Here are the changes:


Private Decentralized Oracles

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