Bridge Activation | wXEQ<->XEQ

Equilibria version 10.1.0 is out! This activates the bridge between wrapped equilibria on Ethereum and native equilibria.

What are the changes?

  • Pool staker’s unlock block now syncs with the pool operator’s unlock block.
  • Bridge mint to allow for a centralized cross-chain bridge from Ethereum.
  • 8% of XEQ will be burnt from the max supply. Max supply is now 77M.
  • Hardfork date: ~Sept 25th, 2021
  • Block: 663,269

Github Release:

All OS wallets will be added shortly.


Bridge instructions will be released on the date of the hard fork.

XEQ Hot Wallet

Purpose: The active wallet to facilitate transfers to and from the bridge.

Holdings: ~2M XEQ

Address: Tw1ZpW2HCzeCB3BKKMCPKabqGJe1phahEDguz4nkwhZENLowgTC5Q1RDobDEWZXv5vDvBQL5e1EAoMzghnGzBpRJ2fXJu5hbg

View Key:


XEQ Cold Wallet Multi-Sig

Purpose: A wallet to replenish the Hot Wallet when it gets lower than <1M.

Holdings: ~14M XEQ

Address: Tw16wVGVwjqY2sSKx11UNjQ8NAosTSwzzitYZfVrXt3iP3DgL5beLz55quDcqpqUvoQTvjyNyRb7mUXf3JKDAyLd36AtDf2ei

View Key:


wXEQ Smart Contract

This will be announced at the time of hardfork.

We have a subreddit!

Check it out here.

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Join our Discord or Telegram and ask away.

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Our Twitter has all of the latest information regarding forks, major development milestones, and more.




Private Decentralized Oracles

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Private Decentralized Oracles

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