Development Update 12/14/2020

Front End Update

Pythia v0.1.0 Testnet

  • We are still looking for more people to participate in the testnet. We will publish a testnet “get started” guide on our wiki tomorrow.
  • We have found an issue with the pythia mempool being clogged and requests being missed. This will be updated most likely during v0.1.0.
  • We have completed the Monero Adapter proof of concept. The testnet is now storing the XEQ price on-chain. Paired with price feeds which are 50% complete, a monero fork will be able to get up to date pricing information and store the data on-chain.
  • We have also completed the change over to USD dollar amount staking. Nodes will have a max staking requirement of 80,000 XEQ. As XEQ price goes up, the requirement will go down.
  • wXEQ Testnet has been working great. We just need more people to test the swapping mechanism in the wallet. You can view the contract here:



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