Equilibria ‘Galileo Galilei’ V13

Equilibria Oracle Network

The Equilibria Oracle Network (EON) will launch a testnet version on the Avalanche Fuji C-Chain Testnet.

EON is a way for off-chain data to be securely written onto any blockchain using the Equilibria chain and P2P network. Think of EON as the decentralized middle layer between the Equilibria chain and the target consumer chain. Using a secondary program that hooks on top of the Equilibria blockchain, oracle nodes can be developed faster. For example, the EON Manager listens for Equilibria and Avalanche events, which can kick off a data round.

A data round is a single data execution inside the EON manager that needs both the Equilibria blockchain verification and the Avalanche verification to be valid. Each data round is assigned a task (such as a price query), publishers (the quorum of Oracle nodes that will publish data onto the Avalanche network), and confidence raters (other Oracle nodes that can earn rewards by adding additional data to the data round).

Each data round has a finalization period which confirms that both chains have verified the oracle nodes, oracle nodes data, and rules of the price feed. Think of the consumer chain finalization being verified and the Equilibria chain finalization being secured, stored, and verified.

Currently, consumer chain finalization is almost complete, which can allow for smart contracts to pull pricing from EON. A testnet version will be published and must be thoroughly tested by the community. The testnet version will be publishing data on the Avalanche Fuji Testnet. The current planned price feeds will be XEQ/USD, BTC/USD, SILVER/USD, and GOLD/USD.

Equilibria chain finalization will be added shortly after this testnet, allowing a new oracle node reward system to ensure participation in the EON.

This testnet is a major step forward, allowing dual signing from both chains (Equilibria and a target consumer chain) for increased security. This was an issue in the past, but the design is now finalized and working.

Solana will be removed as a target consumer chain. After tirelessly working on a solution for Solana, it is time to put it aside due to the technical faults of the Solana network. Transaction verification, lack of documentation, and network uptime will not be suitable for the consumer chain.

Hardfork for increasing the block reward (fix from v12) and fix for staking transactions not being properly registered. Hardfork block ‘898176’, which should be 10.19.2022 or 1 week from posting this article. Block reward is estimated at ~18.9 XEQ per block.

The bridge will be handed over to a trusted third-party company. More details on that will come out shortly. In the meantime, all wXEQ->XEQ transactions will be processed correctly and halted after 20.08.2022. It will resume once the handover is made.

Equilibria will be going through changes to meet certain guidelines to better align with regulatory pressures and exchange due diligence.

Equilibria Core Team & Marketing

Equilibria's core team does not market or promote Equilibria as an investment vehicle. Equilibria (XEQ) is used to purchase network oracle requests to pull data from off-chain sources. Equilibria marketing is done solely by community members. Twitter (@EquilibriaCC) and Medium (@EquilibriaCC) are solely for development updates that miners on the network vote on.

Equilibria Wiki

The wiki will be updated on EON Manager installation, adding feeds and requesting data. A new page on the Equilibria portal will showcase the standard price feeds like GOLD/USD and XEQ/USD.

Equilibria Community Content

Community members can now contribute to the project by writing articles, recording videos, or setting up remote nodes. More information can be found on our GitHub.

Upgrading your wallet

The latest wallets will be updated shortly. Please watch our Twitter, Telegram, or Discord for information.

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