Equilibria introduces Pythia v0.1.0


Pythia v0.1.0

Contracts constructed using a .json format

P2P networking using libp2p

Consensus using Equilibria Service Nodes

#PythiaChamber discord channel that shows new pricing records of contracts

#wXEQ-log discord channel that shows swaps into wXEQ

Roadmap for v0.2.0

Contract creation + payments using XEQ burning

Point system node rewards

Governance contracts

Monero Forks adapter

Golang Native Ed25519 Monero style signatures

Bitcask DB

Contract Improvements

Node staking based on USD amount

Roadmap for v0.3.0 & Beyond

Wrapped Equilibria (wXEQ) and Polkadot Equilibria (pXEQ)

Ethereum Pythia Adapter (EPA)

Polkadot Pythia Adapter (PPA)

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