Equilibria October 2021 Update

Summary of Equilibria Updates for October:

  • Launched updates to the Equilibria website
  • wXEQ bridge activation
  • wXEQ staking
  • Updates to the Windows and macOS wallets
  • Hired 2 new developers that will be actively working on the Equilibria ecosystem
  • Hired Marketing manager
  • In process of new listing (not Kucoin)

Remote Node Issues

There is currently an issue with remote nodes going down for <10–15 minutes during peak hours. Harrison is looking at ways to further counteract these issues.

There is a new status page here: https://status.equilibria.network/

Project Management Change

Equilibria is moving to an agile project management philosophy with 6-week sprints. Each sprint will have pre-defined tasks that various team members will be assigned. This will also allow the community to know exactly what is being worked on behind the scenes. A new Trello board focused on sprints will be created. The current Trello will still hold “long-term” or broad tasks. New team members start on Dec 1st.

Harrison will be on family vacation until Dec. 1st. Native side development will be slow until Dec 1st.

Team Structure Update

All new team members will be non-user-facing.

  • UI/UX Hire
  • Fullstack Hire
  • Pulling the trigger and training a C++ hire

Role breakdown

  • UI/UX: Create designs and seamless interactions for wallets and other sub-products.
  • Fullstack: Work on wallets (desktop, wallet, web) or other sub-products.
  • C++ hire: Will train on the Monero codebase. Their main objectives will be to help maintain, improve and innovate the native XEQ side.

Equilibria Wallet

With the recent and past issues with the current wallet, our new team members will be working on our own in-house light wallet. This wallet will hopefully be ported over to web and mobile. Here is a current roadmap on this:

  • Design wallet mockups
  • Create desktop application
  • Implement Equilibria backend (sending, receiving, staking)
  • User interaction feedback from the community
  • Fix user interactions from feedback
  • Maintain
  • Create a plan for web and mobile

The new Trello will be released shortly when all team members are onboarded and started.

Moving Forward

Over November the marketing content will continue to be expanded. More articles and guides to help the education process will be released, providing an easier way for users to learn about wallet installation, issues, and staking.

As we move closer to mainnet, we will be looking to implement and execute more items on the Trello marketing board, from paid advertising campaigns to influencers, as we strive to get more awareness and adoption for smart contracts utilizing our Equilibria ecosystem. View marketing Trello board here: https://trello.com/b/c8aksvxJ/marketing

Community Growth

During October, we hit 1,800 Telegram members, 3,300 Twitter followers, and 250 subscribers on Reddit. It’s amazing to see the new members join the community, and we are very excited about what the future holds.

We have a subreddit!

Check it out here.

Have questions or concerns?

Join our Discord or Telegram and ask away.

Want the latest news?

Our Twitter has all of the latest information regarding forks, major development milestones, and more.




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