Equilibria October 2021 Update

  • Launched updates to the Equilibria website
  • wXEQ bridge activation
  • wXEQ staking
  • Updates to the Windows and macOS wallets
  • Hired 2 new developers that will be actively working on the Equilibria ecosystem
  • Hired Marketing manager
  • In process of new listing (not Kucoin)

Remote Node Issues

Project Management Change

Team Structure Update

  • UI/UX Hire
  • Fullstack Hire
  • Pulling the trigger and training a C++ hire

Role breakdown

  • UI/UX: Create designs and seamless interactions for wallets and other sub-products.
  • Fullstack: Work on wallets (desktop, wallet, web) or other sub-products.
  • C++ hire: Will train on the Monero codebase. Their main objectives will be to help maintain, improve and innovate the native XEQ side.

Equilibria Wallet

  • Design wallet mockups
  • Create desktop application
  • Implement Equilibria backend (sending, receiving, staking)
  • User interaction feedback from the community
  • Fix user interactions from feedback
  • Maintain
  • Create a plan for web and mobile

Moving Forward

Community Growth

We have a subreddit!

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