Equilibria Progress Report


Hi everyone, after the recent influx of newcomers this week, we decided it would be best to post a short and sweet progress update for you all. In this post, we will update you on our development progress and address many of the questions we have received over the last couple of weeks.

Community Contributors

Over the last couple of weeks, we have gotten some great help from the community members within our Discord and Telegram channels. We have decided to switch our logo to a white and blue equilibrium symbol that was inspired by k_godel concept (very similar to the previous logo.) One of our oldest community members, greggy, created an Oracle Node quick start script that can be found here. The script makes it much easier to get an Oracle Node up and running even without very much Linux or service node experience. Another community member who has been helping us out significantly is Matty Ice. He has been helping us manage our community channels while both of us focus on the roadmap.


We have been testing DELFI v1 on a private testnet for about a week now. He is almost ready to release the public testnet for DELFI that will allow the community to help find bugs and issues. This version of DELFI will be capable of tracking 1900 cryptocurrencies, 6 metals, and 170 fiat currencies. Once DELFI is on mainnet, other blockchains will be able to tap into DELFI price feeds and that can help remove unnecessary centralization from their network.

Front End

Over the last couple of months, we have spent a lot of time preparing a massive front end update. The current website and roadmap were created in a rush when our team continued development in June. Initially, we considered releasing everything at once, but by request from some of our community members, we have decided that it may be best to release some of the changes that are already prepared for release. Our first front end release will be a web wallet that will make storing XEQ even easier than before. After the web wallet, there will be some UI/UX changes to the desktop wallets to go along with our new theme.


Why did the team leave in January?
This has by-far our most asked question over the last couple of weeks. In January, both Harrison and Thomas no longer had enough money to keep funding the project due to the lack of traction and high project expenses. After a six month break, both members have stabilized their finances and came up with a stronger objective for the project — privacy-based Oracle Nodes. All of the code that was written last year was able to be used for this new objective as Oracle Nodes have already been built and DELFI was originally designed for a private and decentralized stablecoin. By focusing on oracles, we believe the oracle clusters we create will help create a very strong ecosystem that other privacy-based blockchains can use. This also leaves us with the opportunity to create our own dApps such as ili Bet.

Private Decentralized Oracles