Equilibria Update: July 10th


The team has completed the following over the past 6 months:

  • Completed 4 tiers of funding
  • Started the process of a full team relocation to Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Created in-house onboarding protocols for hiring and contracting workers
  • Created an in-house 5-year plan spanning from budgeting, company structure, and development goals
  • Allowed more users to stake through the introduction of staking pools
  • Started exchange compliance legal framework
  • Created a marketing Trello
  • For more completed tasks please look at our Trello
  • Pythia is being rebranded to Equilibria Oracle Network (EON)
  • Full focus on getting EON to mainnet with two supportive networks: Ethereum and Solana
  • wXEQ->XEQ Swaps moved back a fork
  • Priority of swaps has been lowered until EON is on mainnet
  • Both Thomas and Harrison getting back to interacting more with the community
  • Actively start hiring developer talent
  • Testnet Part 1, Wednesday, July 14th: This testnet will start with the Service Node + Pool Bug Fixes, and service node/pool staker re-registrations. It will also include the 7M XEQ burn.
  • Testnet Part 2, Wednesday, July 28th: This testnet will further test part 1 and introduce price feeds to the network. What will be tested for price feeds include: creating price feeds, paying price feed fees, and price feed performance.

All testnet documentation will be available on our wiki.equilibria.network

See you Wednesday 👋

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