Service Nodes and Chill?

Benjamin gazing at Exchange Data.

Triton ‘Beryllium’ 4.0.0 — Service Nodes

Version 4 is here! It includes Service Nodes. Service Node holders will split 50% of the Triton block reward; the remaining 50% will be paid to miners. These initial ‘Gen 1’ service nodes will monitor transactions on the Triton blockchain and help us gather data for the price-monitoring ‘Gen 2’ Service Nodes. These future ‘Gen 2’ nodes will monitor exchange data and serve as the decentralized price oracle for Vault Protocol and the eventual SAO stablecoin.

The starting stake for a service node will be 40,000 XTRI at hard fork height. Coins staked as Service Nodes will be “locked (not spendable)” for ~6 weeks ( 20,160 Blocks). A detailed Service Node startup guide will be coming out a couple days before hardfork. Hard fork height: 106,740

  • Consensus Breaking: Yes, mandatory upgrade
  • Wallet: Atom, CLI
  • Github Release

Vault Protocol Technical Paper

Harrison and TCell have been working with two other community members, who currently want to remain anonymous, on improving and further securing the Vault Protocol. This includes the design and conceptualization of a multi-factor averaging and weighting system to increase the cost of attacks to manipulate the SAO<->XTRI exchange price. Community members will be able to help look for flaws in these features, or suggest new ones, during the ‘Gen 2’ Service Node testnet this summer.

In addition to Service Nodes, we are developing a novel secondary layer for monitoring price data we’ve codenamed ‘Delphi.’ The design and purpose of ‘Delphi’ will be revealed when the Vault Protocol paper is complete.

Development for ‘Gen 2’ Service Nodes is Progressing

Harrison has started working on ‘Generation 2’ nodes which will build price-monitoring of exchange data into the Service Node consensus. This work is guided by the still unreleased Vault Protocol Technical Paper. After a working prototype is out we will have the exchange rate ready for SAO transactions. SAO transactions then will be launched and included in the final ‘Generation 3’ Service Node hard fork, projected around this Fall. Our SAO stablecoin will go live at this time.

The Triton Market is now live!

A few weeks ago, we were accepted by to have Triton listed on their exchange. QTrade is a US-based exchange that is registered in Kansas. We are very excited about our acceptance because QTrade provides immense security, fast deposits, cheap withdrawals, and are committed to only list the most interesting developer-driven projects. We are honored to accept this listing alongside other great coins like Amoveo, Bismuth, and Snowblossom.

QTrade has been an exchange our team has highly respected since we first took notice of them, and we are incredibly excited to announce that as of May 2nd the Triton market has opened on qTrade!

Triton has recruited a new developer to join our team!

We are incredibly excited to officially announce that we have recruited a new developer for our team, Hamlandall. His role on the Triton Team will be head UX development. He will be assisting Lead Developer, Harrison, with improving user experience with the Triton blockchain.

About Adam:

Adam “Hamlandall” Hamilton-Sutherland, is an undergraduate Computer Science major with hopes to become a full-time software developer. Adam’s passion for technology and innovation has led him to the Triton Team, and he hopes to create a significant impact on our project.

Triton Atom Update

Hamlandall has been working on improving some of the layout for the Atom wallet. He has added a real time conversion from XTRI to your FIAT of choice! Want to send $5 USD to your friend? Input 5, choose USD and the wallet will automatically convert to the needed XTRI.

The Triton Developer Bounty Program

A service node developer bounty program is in the works. Earn the triton reward of an xtri service node by helping out on development.

We are looking to invite more developers to the Triton Team, and regardless of your skill level, you will find a role where you can make an impact. Growing our team is a priority of ours, and we have decided to start a bounty program to incentive developers to become contributors of Triton. If you are interested in joining our team or learning more about what it looks like to become a team member, contact Harrison Hesslink( by email or on discord!

If you are not a developer but want to contribute elsewhere, let us know!

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— Triton Team




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