Staking pools: Stable APY for all

Equilibria ‘Epictetus v9.0.0’ is ready for release. Hardfork to block version 10 will take place on the block: 548,492 on Saturday the 17th. This fork is mandatory. All wallets will be released by the 17th.


What is being added?

  • Staking pools are being expanded to allow up to 100 stakers per Oracle Node. The new requirement for staking: Operators are required to post 25% of the staking requirement. Pool stakers can stake a minimum of 1%.
  • Desktop wallet improvements allowing GUI pool staking.

What are the benefits of staking pools?

Staking pools will help decentralized our network. Oracle node operators will have the option to add a 5% fee to pool stakers. This means that an oracle node operator right now could swap their 1 oracle node into 4 oracle node pools and get rewarded 120%. Pool stakers can get the market rate APY for staking. Here is a quick breakdown of a possible APY scenario:

320 Oracle Nodes/Pools: 6,400,000 XEQ operator staked with 19,200,000 XEQ available for pool stakers. This will give a 5.6% Base Variable APY. With the addition of oracle fees in the future, APY will be boosted significantly.

Do rewards change?

Rewards are now based on your share of the pool. A pool with 5% fee and an operator stake of 25% will give the operator 30% of the block reward. The remaining 70% of the block reward is split based on each stakers share of the pool.

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