Wrapped Equilibria v2

wXEQ v2

On 5/7/2021 at 4 PM PST, wXEQ v2 will be ready for launch. There will be an automated token swap that will make it easy for the ~150 wXEQ holders to switch to the new token. This upgrade will significantly improve the solidity code to decrease gas fees by ~50% and make future upgrades easier. Along with this update, wXEQ LP staking will be available with no time lock on the contract. The new contracts are verified on Etherscan — links have been provided at the bottom of this article. The team liquidity will be added before the swap occurs, and you will be able to see that reflected on Uniswap.

Reasons for the upgrade

There are a few reasons we are updating to a new version of wXEQ. First off, this improvement will decrease gas fees by ~50%. This upgrade allows for cheaper transfers, stakes, and token swaps. The second reason for the upgrade is to make it easier to upgrade in the future. After this update, it will be much easier to upgrade other smart contracts for wrapped equilibria. It is essential for connecting Pythia to Equilibria and eventually decentralizing the governance for wXEQ. The reason for conducting this upgrade right now is to have v2 ready before Pythia mainnet. Around that same time, we will release bXEQ (BSC) to create a connector for BSC projects using wXEQ v2 code.

Liquidity Providers

If you are an LP, you must remove your liquidity before the token swap. Removing the liquidity will prevent your tokens from getting swapped to the Uniswap address. If you are unable to do this by the time of the swap, do not worry, we will be able to swap over your coins for you manually. Please contact us if you have any questions or won’t be able to remove your Uniswap liquidity.

Token Holders

If you are a token holder, you will need to do nothing except add the new contract to Uniswap. We have created a smart contract that will take a snapshot of your v1 balances and mint your tokens to the new v2 contract. If there are any reasons your coins do not reflect on the new smart contract, please contact the team so we can manually swap them over.

Other News

The team has applied for the listing of wXEQ v2 on the Kleros Token Curated Token List. Having wXEQ v2 added to the Kleros token list enables wXEQ v2 to pop up in the Uniswap search tool. This will ensure that Uniswap buyers are buying the correct token. Kleros will finalize the wXEQ v2 token listing on May 3rd.

Smart Contracts

The team will announce the Uniswap address once the team tokens are swapped over and liquidity is added. All of the contracts provided are verified on Etherscan.

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the team.

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