Dear Equilibria Community,

I have decided to create continuous funding program to make sure the development of this awesome project is always 100% and moving forward. This funding request is to allow me to work on the project full time with no worry of covering my basic costs of living. I have set my ‘wage’ at $18/hr. At the end of the funding term I will create in-depth review of the work I did during that time. This is to give people who funded me validation their dollar was put to good use.

This is my Q1 of 2020 funding request.

My goals for this quarter are below:

  • Rework current Mint and Burn protocol to allow for multiple private assets that can be minted and burned at a given exchange rate. This is done by implementing a research paper I have come across. Only USDE will be created at initial launch. The economic downsides of multiple stable derivatives are unknown yet.
  • Complete Ribbon Protocol to be main net ready. This is to observe how prices are aggregated with decentralized nodes, without the risk of messing with exchanging real USDE<->XEQ.
  • Get iOS wallet back online
  • Make web wallet usable
  • FIX OSX Wallet

My funding amount at a rate of $18 USD per hour:

  • Partial: $680 a week, 40+ hours work time, 5 weeks total: $3,400 (0.42BTC)
  • Full: $680 a week, 40+ hours work time, 12 weeks, total: $8,160(1.01BTC)

Why this amount? It just barely covers my cost of living and will allow me to work on the project full time. If I can not get funding, I will have to get a job IRL which will force me to spend less hours on XEQ.

BTC: 1ATQSmAXuBp6Uw2j3PwSVo3qMsnQGAok89

LTC: LYhoXcZ53zYDLy1C9JTW3osk2QziCxWyoT



Funding will be done through myself and will only accept bitcoin, xmr, litecoin. You may be wondering why would I not request XEQ. This is purely due to low liquidity, ‘pump and dump’ accusations, and to remove possible selling pressure from me trying to cover costs. IF you want to sell your XEQ to BTC/LTC/XMR, then you will have to do that yourself. Any alt coin will be immediately sold into BTC and deposited into an address everyone can see. If either funding request is not met, full refunds will be made. Your donation will be documented. If you want to be anonymous, no refunds will be made as that is a decision you made.

This is an example anyone can use to get funding to help out on the development of XEQ. I encourage anyone to create a proposal.

If you want to be included in a special VIP role where you get a discord role and some special benefits, please let me know when you contact me that you have donated.

I am open to discussion about this system. If you have thoughts about it, please join our discord! Please make sure you are messaging me. Harrison Hesslink#6018 DISCORD UID: 140233090751660032. You can message me at @krakncrypto on twitter. If you have any doubt it is not me, please join our discord and talk in general.

Thank you for your continued support,

Private Decentralized Oracles

Private Decentralized Oracles